Specialist Ophthalmic & Oculoplastic Surgeon

I met Mr George Saleh for a consultation after I had had a chalazion on my eyelid for more than 6 months. I was very impressed by his knowledge and affability. He also offered to remove the chalazion on the same day which was an excellent surprise as well as a speedy and successful operation.


Mr Saleh was very approachable, friendly and professional explained everything about my treatment very clearly


Mr Saleh was very understanding, attentive and reassuring. He explained the surgery very well and answered all my questions. Throughout the procedure, he was letting me know what was taking place which was very reassuring”

G Saleh

I felt very confident that Mr George Saleh would look after me and my eye procedure efficiently. Everything went very smoothly and I was soon back in my room, and soon after that, on my way home. I was apprehensive beforehand and nervous, but I really had no need to be. I was relieved when

G Saleh

I recently had an unsightly lesion removed from my lower eyelid by Mr Saleh. The procedure at Spire Harpenden was quick and painless, and all aspects of the consultation, the surgery itself and follow-up were smoothly handled. If something similar were to occur again, I would have no hesitation in taking the same route to


As a most anxious patient, I was put at ease by Mr. Saleh’s professional approach and appraisal of my condition. He inspired my confidence to the extent that I immediately agreed to a medical procedure. I also found both the nursing and administrative staff very understanding, compassionate and most efficient. Subsequently, through a most courteous

Christine Prinn

I was very satisfied with the treatment I received when having my two cataract procedures. All the staff were pleasant and thoughtful.

Cynthia Paulson

Mr Saleh was clear in his explanation of what was going to happen and gave me confidence in the surgery and the outcome. He explained everything in detail and provided all relevant documents speedily. I have plenty of opportunities to ask questions or raise any queries/concerns. The whole process was professionally handled and one was

Mick Findley

Mr Saleh was calm and knowledgeable and made me feel very confident in his ability to remove my cataracts successfully. He explained very clearly what he would do before and during the operations, making me feel more at ease. He warned me when there were possible points of discomfort and was quick to suggest more

Sue Thornhill

Very friendly, put me at ease immediately. Very easy to talk to and share a joke. 100% professional in every aspect

Anonymus a

He was professional and caring. Very knowledgeable. Very approachable”

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Mr Saleh was outstanding. His approach to my treatment was understanding and completely put me at ease. His inter-action during the surgery kept me informed and relaxed. Very impressed

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I was extremely anxious about having my cataract done as my mother had a terrible experience at an NHS hospital and never regained her sight. I paid for this treatment because of that and I informed my Consultant who was very understanding”

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I was relaxed and confident in the hands of Dr Salah

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He was both sympathetic and professional”

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“Mr Saleh was courteous and made me feel relaxed. He explained what was happening during the procedure

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Brilliant explained in clear terms and answered my questions and was very reassuring

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Very understanding and caring

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Mr G. Saleh testimony Consultation and two cataract removals. On meeting Mr Saleh for the pre-op consultation, I found him to be very informative, professional in both his explanations of the proposed operation procedure along with his manor in general. My two cataract removal procedures were surprisingly quick, 40 minutes or less, with little to

Geoffrey Beck

This is the third time of this procedure with my consultant. I trust him implicitly and he shows great empathy, care and expertise


A most professional, caring and efficient surgeon. Two cataract operations with absolutely no problems whatsoever. I am 85 years old and can now see to read without glasses. I thoroughly recommend Mr. George Saleh.

Stella Ziegler

Very straightforward to arrange an appointment for the initial consultation. A few simple questions and a date and time perfectly suited to me.

Spire hospital 19/08/2022

Very successful treatment o cataracts to both eyes. I recommend Mr Saleh wholeheartedly

John Pepper

Mr saleh has a very friendly manner which immediately put me at ease when i had my minor op. He did an excellent job and i would not hesitate to recommend him.

Sandra Higgs

I would like to say how happy I am with the results of the cataract removal from both my eyes. The service from you and your team was superb. I am delighted with the outcome.

Meryl Elsbeth Ryland Nichols

07/08/2022 To say that I was extremely anxious about my upcoming cataracts surgery wold be a major understatement! This anxiety proved to be completely unfounded, because I can honestly say that I felt absolutely nothing during the procedure. Not only did I feel nothing, but the whole experience was what I can only describe as

Karen Piggott

“Mr. Saleh exuded confidence at our first meeting. He appreciated the problem and had empathy regarding the nature of my problem. During the procedure he kept me up to date with his activities, giving warnings, when some discomfort could be expected. He has a relaxing manor”

Spire Harpenden
Spire Harpenden May 2022, Spire Harpenden May 2022

I have recently had two separate cataract operations and on each occasion have had the pleasure of being under the care of Mr saleh. He is a lovely man and every aspect of my procedure was explained and carried out to perfection. I am now an 86 year old who has just had an eye

S Clarke

I attended today for a follow up appointment after surgery on my Right Lower Lid on 5th May 2022. I had had a previous operation on this lid many years ago but it was not good. Mr George Saleh did the corrective surgery on this lid. I am very pleased with the results, the eye ;looks quite normal now. Mr Saleh is very skilful surgeon. Also I am very grateful and can not praise him enough.

Mr Sethi

“Mr Saleh was very clear in his explanation and I felt very secure and confident in his ability to treat me to the highest standards He helped me on the day after surgery taking time to see me urgently to put my mind at rest”

Spire Harpenden
Spire Harpenden May 2022, Spire Harpenden May 2022

“Very Professional, Friendly and caring”

Spire Harpenden
Spire Harpenden, Spire Harpenden

Felt in very safe hands as I was so nervous
I have recommended him to a friend!

The Spire, Harpenden
The Spire Harpenden, June 2022

A very calm manner. No suggestion of hurray. Gave plenty of time to explain and discuss.
Explanation of further laser treatment very encouraging

The Spire Harpenden and Moorfields Private
The Spire Harpenden and Moorfields Private, June 22

A very calm manner. No suggestion of hurray. Gave plenty of time to explain and discuss.
Explanation of further laser treatment very encouraging

Spire Harpenden

“He is obviously very experienced and skilled in his field”

Spire Harpenden May 2022
Spire Harpenden May 2022, Spire Harpenden May 2022

Mr Saleh and his team are quite simply wonderful. He was recommended to me by a retired GP friend and it proved to be an excellent referral. I had two cataracts removed but Mr Saleh was able to do so much more than that in terms of correcting most of my astigmatism. I am now able to see better than I ever have before and its amazing. The service is professional but also personal. I was very well cared for and had time to discuss options. The procedures themselves and the aftercare were totally smooth and I would have no hesitation in recommending Mr Saleh and his support team.

M Dolan
Pinehill, May 2022

I was very anxious Mr Saleh put me at ease and explained everything in great detail. He was not rushed and listened to me and answered all my questions. I felt very confident for the procedure to go ahead.

Spire Harpenden Hospital
Spire Harpenden, April 2022

Very impressed with everything about him, polite, caring, professional, competent and friendly.

Moorfields Private
Moorfields Private, April 2022

Professional, factual and reassuring. I am delighted with the result of my cataract surgery.

Moorfields Private
Moorfields Private, March 2022

I was referred to Mr Saleh by my optician in October 2021, for Cataract surgery on both eyes. I attended my first consultation with some trepidation, but this was totally unfounded, Mr Saleh put me at my ease immediately. He was the kindest, caring professional consultant you could ever wish to meet.

M Williams
Pinehill Hospital, March 2022