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Cataracts & Reduced Vision

Cataract is the medical term for clouding (opacification) of the natural (crystalline) internal lens of the eye. This is most frequently occurs as a result of the aging process but there are numerous other causes including endocrine, systemic or local treatments, skin problems, trauma, congenital (present from birth), amongst many others. The cloudiness can occur in different ways and these different sub types can impact the vision differently.

Cataract affects the quality of vision in varying ways, including reduced acuity (sharpness), contrast, colour, brightness, experiencing glare, halos, light sensitivity, all different combinations of visual problems. Everyone’s visual needs vary and this is one of the influences for the timing of any intervention.

In some people other conditions can also be present, for example AMD, diabetes, glaucoma, which may impact both the vision, and the outcome of cataract surgery.

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