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Inflamed Eyelids

Inflammed eyelids are also known as Blepharitis. It is frequently subdivided into front (anterior) and back (posterior) sub-types, although an individual could have both conditions simultaneously. Depending on your clinical findings, treatment may be tailored to address one component over the other.

There are many different symptoms which this condition can cause, including itching, burning, smearing of vision (which can be blinked away), watering, dryness, soreness amongst others.  It can also induce changes on the surface of the eye, the conjunctiva, the skin surrounding the eyelids and, occasionally, further afield.  There are other conditions, including dermatological and systemic, which can also influence the course of the condition.

Some types of blepharitis have a bacterial component and treatment in the form of antibiotics may be required in the very short term. However, since the bacteria do not generally cause infection, this is rarely the sole or primary form of therapy. There is often notable inflammation as well and so various options, including medicinal, can be used to help control this.

Blepharitis is usually a long-term condition and is very difficult to eradicate, treatment is only successful if you clean your eyelids regularly, as instructed.  The cleaning of your eyelids should become part of your daily hygiene routine.

There are a multitude of other potential conditions that can lead to soreness, grittiness and itching including allergy, dry eye (hyperlink), watery eyes (hyperlink), infection, surrounding skin conditions, misdirected eyelashes amongst several others. During your consultation The condition or combination of causes will be identified and appropriate treatments commenced.

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