Specialist Ophthalmic & Oculoplastic Surgeon

Specialist Ophthalmic & Oculoplastic Surgeon
Mr Saleh is a consultant ophthalmic surgeon offering personalised high quality treatment for every patient. Whether for cataracts, eyelid surgery, aesthetic care or other, he will apply the best therapy based on your specific needs. Together, the range of potential options will be considered and any treatment plan, personalised based on your individual circumstances.

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Experienced Surgeon

George Saleh is an experienced surgeon specialising in cataract, eyelid and cosmetic surgery as well as an internationally recognised surgical instructor and award-winning clinical research scientist.

Choice of Locations

In addition to being a consultant at Moorfields Eye Hospital, George Saleh operates out of private clinics at a number of sites in both Central London and the Home Counties of Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.

Professional Accolades

George Saleh won the postgrad eye surgical gold medal, has numerous additional academic distinctions, national roles, a range of ophthalmic professional body affiliations, and is an active international lecturer.


Cataract Surgery

The natural internal lens of the eye may need replacing if it clouds (cataract) or is not delivering optically. A tailored replacement lens can help enhance vision and improve quality of life.



Changes around the eye can occur as a result of the ageing process. Your needs will be identified during the course of the consultation and a tailored treatment plan developed.


Eyelid Problems

Specialised medical and surgical treatment may be required for watering/tearing, dryness, itching/burning, eyelid/brow cancers, lumps/bumps, lesions, or eyelid age changes.